With his 3 little words ❤


She delved into his eyes
To know if it was true

Without shifting his gaze
He was staring back too

She could see an answer
For all the untold

And a hand to hold
From young to old

Was even he eye reading
To know what she feels?

For the eyes reveal
What a heart conceals!

Answers are within us and our experiences!



12 thoughts on “With his 3 little words ❤

    • Well this is a good question! 🙂 Looking into the eyes one may fall for a lie as well!
      But what I am trying to tell everybody is that, if I have come across a new love and that person is less used to my constant stare, then he might not stare back for a longer time if his feelings aint that strong or true.He might get alert at the thought that why am I staring this way.
      Only the if he really loves, he may take the pleasure of me looking at him, ready to answer all the truth 🙂

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