With his 3 little words ❤


She delved into his eyes
To know if it was true

Without shifting his gaze
He was staring back too

She could see an answer
For all the untold

And a hand to hold
From young to old

Was even he eye reading
To know what she feels?

For the eyes reveal
What a heart conceals!

Answers are within us and our experiences!



12 thoughts on “With his 3 little words ❤

    • Well this is a good question! 🙂 Looking into the eyes one may fall for a lie as well!
      But what I am trying to tell everybody is that, if I have come across a new love and that person is less used to my constant stare, then he might not stare back for a longer time if his feelings aint that strong or true.He might get alert at the thought that why am I staring this way.
      Only the if he really loves, he may take the pleasure of me looking at him, ready to answer all the truth 🙂

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  1. To be frank it is difficult to say what true love is,maybe beyond the outside physical attractions like cute eyes or beautiful face,a feeling the other person will hold my hand till i die right?

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    • Yes! Something that has to do nothing with the appearance, is pure enough that it lasts forever without depending on any terms. What lasts together is love! To understand true love, one must wait till the end probably 🙂

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    • Linita me to sirf masak kar raha tha.i understand people are so busy that they don’t have any idea about what is going on there neighbourhood right?
      Anyway thank you so much for chatting and sharing things.The very good thing my blog did to me is breaking my concept that only two male people can be friends.people like you made me realize that yes i can talk to a lady and make friendship just like a male 🙂


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