Let the roads lead us ❤


To all appearances, both seem to be pretty much involved in understanding their love.

Here he stands right infront of her wondering which mystery her eyes keep solving but she is inhaling an unexpected breeze of relief within herself infact.

The dreamable! And the magical has finally appeared before her, everything seems at its best!

Her reverie passed quickly with his concerned words, then follows a silence within the moment to work over few thoughts.

He talks to her about her, that tickles her pink! And his words she could feel coming like a good music.

How oblivious they are to the atmosphere which is soaking up the moonlight, he appears so much at ease while walking next to her.

Then few words they share to pay heed.

He : “Where are we going? I choose to ask!”
She : “Let the roads lead us to our destined task!”

Coming forward the streetlights are now helping them to reach somewhere they have never been before, together!



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