Meaningless give aways of life!


Once upon a time I wrote a lame article here which matter’s less to me and I feel it’s time to clean the store for the good. I’m editing it away because that was a silly phase of my life where I did things which I think were not necessary and were for the wrong ones.
I laugh at the kiddish things I used to do and I thank some people in my life to make me understand they are not the kind I need in my life. Because I can’t get back the precious time I invested in not so ambitious people I make it a point I erase such write-uos that are not worthy of lasting. I would suggest my readers to follow me on instagram @tfu__ if you love microtales and send me your entries to the given link in my bio there. I must have left some small things with people in the past for them to remember me, but they are nothing but meaningless give aways today. All the best to all those who don’t matter any more because I still care for all the living beings on this earth be it a dirty insect of a cute but clever pet or a human who is faking all his/her effort.

DM me on instagram your ‘How I met my special someone’ story with a picture and get featured on TFU. Take care 🙂


4 thoughts on “Meaningless give aways of life!

  1. When a man is in love 
    how can he use old words? 
    Should a woman 
    desiring her lover 
    lie down with 
    grammarians and linguists? 

    I said nothing 
    to the woman I loved 
    but gathered 
    love’s adjectives into a suitcase
    and fled from all languages.


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