Years of intensely immobile flux of time!


Keeping herself at bay winning every battle she has always been misunderstood as a strong being!
Why to push her to fight or face, interpreting it to her that its in her destiny.

She might drown to disappear someday deep within her own grieves. She should be living just like all of us!

When she’s hurt, breaks pieces of herself to leave it there itself. Years later they pull her back showing how time trapped she is. Why can’t she be blessed with a positivity so strong?

Never was rescued from any misery.
Nothing seems to set her free from paying debts to someone else’s bad deeds. Perhaps she needs her own sky to swim into without fearing anything.

With every approach of life, she keeps deceiving into certain moments such as the time when she played with toys. Till the time when she stood aware about getting categorized as a toy too!

Too early had she started running away from everything and everybody, collecting nobody who knew why was she doing it!

Was she so invisible to anybody who could soothe away those drops which would roll down her skin every night? Then the harsh sunlight would fall upon it to vaporize those.

She needs to know where is a safe place? Digging herself inside the pillow has helped her a little each day!

It is wrongly said that, Natures state keep changing along with everybody’s life. Because she has been experiencing an intensely immobile flux of her past, till present!

Time keeps wailing always, gripping upon the same old. Nothing seems to be decreasing. She might grow unaware at her happy times, but the reality is that it’s still there and nothing can help her erase.

Oh the words don’t seem to be organised properly she knows, it becomes difficult sometimes to write down the thoughts that keep multiplying.

Matters less! All that matters is a feeling that these words might reach somewhere to get her an answer about changing it all over again.


10 thoughts on “Years of intensely immobile flux of time!

  1. maybe bloggers find their blog as a place to open up so many things.sorry this is a bit tough for me to understand but from what i could make out bad experiences in childhood can follow a person for a long time.But i still believe we have to move on and nothing cures someone like time.Happy blogging 🙂

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  2. linitaji aapne hi usdin keral ke bare me poocha tha na?ye he keral ka language,malayalam.i was asking why are you not sleeping?
    Anyways so many languages,religions,gods,states,different physical appearances and cultures in india.Learning about other culture and peoples are fascinating right?


  3. Now i think it is better what all i wanted to say about kerala to you in my blog as a new post rather than disturbing you with my stupid jokes.i will write one soon 🙂

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