Defiance walks along!


Time may surely strip away everything that is apparent about a person, has its own way to follow what is already planned and prove it to you!

Throughout the whole process you might not be able to recognise your actual perception towards the person. The confusion may last till this unrecognizable state goes away revealing you the real self of somebody!

If emotions fall to raise constant questions, go slow! Look around, the world has a lot to offer and you deserve it all!

Pay attention, let your time bear the true essence and beauty of the person. And if it starts playing a sea-saw, get alert and balance!

Someone must have written it properly to make you understand that one shouldn’t grip over probabilities, so why don’t you follow the same?

Always have a clear vision about your position in someone’s life and where you stand! If you feel it isn’t  where you belong, then relax! Maybe the person isn’t your last!

Don’t get carried away keeping unnecessary hopes! Unpredictability provides no stablility! Regain your senses and move towards achieving your goals. Let others find their way to reach you and win over!

Walk, no matter if defiance walks along! Possible actions is what you have thought for yourself! Don’t settle with any feeling that ain’t worthy of your time!

Because what’s possible is always visible!


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