8 Little Letters! ❤ #tfu1


She was his love at first sight!
Confession needs to be special he thought!
This is what we suggested,
to gift her good words!
(and few secret tips)

These are those 8 LITTLE LETTERS that travelled from Punjab to Delhi!

• It feels like a dream, now that you are standing infront of me! I never thought I’ll have this day! ❤

• You are like a book halfly-read, I crave to read you more! ❤

• Today is the second best day of my life, 1st was when we had come across for as wedding crashers! Do you believe in love at first sight? I do! Now I really do! ❤

• Never believed till you appeared but now I must agree, that a music plays in the background when one falls in love! I was hinted with this song ‘Tuney maari entry aur dil mein baji ghantiyaan re! ❤

• You seem like a dream girl to many! No doubt I am the luckiest! ❤

• No these ain’t big dialogues, all of this feels nothing before your twinkling eyes, makes me feel like I’m star gazing! ❤

• Dear you belong to me, can I make you mine? Because you’re the only one I have been feeling for all this while! ❤

• Let me dare to ask you now!
Would you like to come on a date with me? ❤

Tales Forever Untold


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