Study your dream from the dreamer!


Our dreams are deeply connected to our universal powers.
(no I’m not talking about Goku’s Super-Saiyan power)

Don’t we often ask ourselves the reason behind our dreams and mostly considered it to be nothing sensible but rubbish. If you have less idea about what & why you dream then you must study your dream from the dreamers. Each experience will make you explore. Just like mine.

Dreams are mainly of two kinds. Lucid & Non-Lucid.

And what you see has a lot to do with your conscious & subconscious thinking from the past, present &  on rare nights with your future.  No matter what you dream, it has to have a deep connection.
I’m going to elaborate all this in my next article. By the time have patience.

And keep sending me your stories about how you met your special someone with pictures to instagram @tfu__

( the best concepts will make through )

Have a happy reading 🙂

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