There be no other! ♡


His eyes were full of promises that she dint realise what she intented to do. Leaned as much away as she could because she knew he was not the one. “Why did he look at me like that?” she asked herself and she also had answers which only said “fatal attraction.”
Her silken hair blowing around her face he kept gazing at, as if he has so much to adore. But she knew she was not the one for him, or maybe the only one.

At that very moment with Samar, Shalini was fighting back that night, a month before when she rose from her chair to pick up her phone which was ringing ‘Mirrors’ by Timberlake.
Pushing behind a thin lock of her hair, her ‘Hello’ was interrupted by Nidhi her friend.
 “Babe! I told you there is something fishy with your Samar, I saw him mingling with some chick here at Violet Paradise! She is Armaan’s mate from his graduation college and he told Samar was dating her that time!” she said in a speedy tone. Armaan and Nidhi were at a restaurant to celebrate their relations 6th anniversary.
“Past eh! Cool though, chill! I trust him!” Shalini replied sternly with a lump in her throat.
“My guy doesn’t sit along with his ex hand in hand in public, please understand the depth, I’ll send you a picture I clicked before he left with her and other friends aswel! But then call me back” she hurried to disconnect the call without realising the depth of her words herself.

*Ping* jingled her phone with a blink. ‘Nidhi (image)’displayed her phone. Shalini freezed to what she saw, she kept looking at a picture till her vision blurred.
She looked around at her concerned relatives sitting in the drawing room. “Another headache, I need to sleep!” she said and rushed to her room smiling with pain within.
Huddled herself in the sheet she gulped in the chilled air, covered her mouth with a pillow lest anyone should hear her tortured voice.
Shalini had trust issues, and Samar invested a hard time convincing her to love back. Thinking that she was special for his long time patience, she was ready for his love before he broke her with his actions.
“He told me he is out with all his friends, I gave him his free time without disturbing him. He told me he will get back to me once he is done with them. Also he took 6hrs! Why me? aren’t there so many girls who are okay with the game?” her cries nobody heard and pain wept till she slept.

Next day she dint confront, she knew he would clarify things, trying to make her feel it was a misunderstanding. “You lost my trust though. You should have told me!” she said in her mind. And it was difficult each day because he was busy after that day most of the time. 

Finally they met after a month,
watching him stand infront of her, Shalini was immobile from head to toe. Also knew things have changed, bubbles of excitement being jolted with a heartache, she kept quite.
“Such a wonderfull evening to hold you in my arms, isn’t it Shalini?” smiled Samar.
She wanted to cry out, scream at him because throughout the month he hardly spoke to her and was busy with friends giving endless reasons.
Within the remorse, she recollected days waiting for him to love her like those crazy guys in love do! Though he din’t.
Today the situation is helpless!

“Umm Samar!” she said as if wanting to speak something. “Yes my sweet Shalini?” said Samar kissing on her forehead happily.

Holding his hand, while he kept staring at her with less reflection of his love for her, Shalini smiled within the blurred vision of her tears and spoke to his sad surprise,
 “Samar! You belong to my heart but I don’t even belong to your eyes. I know I am not the only one in your life or I could have felt better by now.
 Like a child loves chocolates and icecreams, is the love of a Guy to his one and only, but i learned to accept reality as it is.
We never had it, we never will.
Till today you never took me to your world, today I close these doors to my world for you. 
My heart left all the hopes Samar, is why i’ll have to leave you too.”

Shalini didn’t tell him what she knew and how she felt , she left with a Tale Forever Untold !
         (To be Continued..)


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