Prologue ♡


Every being has a heart
Every heart has a soul.
Every soul has a word to share, But time keeps it untold.♡

Noticing that people die with their tales untold!
Different people, different vision!
They go away with everything they had felt and seen!
Do we want ourselves to go with the untold too?
Be it love or life and our world, Trying to share many such untold tales with a blend of my thoughts.

♡ Let these tales forever untold touch every readers heart! Let be there a vision to our imaginations! Let there be stories and creations♡


9 thoughts on “Prologue ♡

  1. I love your philosophy here!! “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” ~Maya Angelou. I agree with you, we all have our own stories to tell and we need to share them. Thank you SO much for all the likes and for following my blog! 🙂 I am looking forward to reading more of your work too 😀

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  2. I once watched a movie in which a person is reborn as a ghost because that person’s tale remains untold and it doesn’t find solace.That story haunted me always.(I forgot its name though) I never wanted to become a ghost.That story pushed me to express the things to the people it was meant for.Since then I have become a storyteller. I loved your blog instantly! And the four lines of poem you wrote is a masterpiece, truly! Thank you so much Linita! ^_^

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    • Hey! Thanks for noticing the depth 🙂 And what you must have seen in the movie are the things I have always felt when I come across people. Similarly encouraged to write & express. Is why I ghostwrite for people as well. Do visit my instagram profile @tfu__. And give your part of suggestions as well. 🙂

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