An open letter to the man who screamed KARMA everyday after that day!


Dear Stakeholder of Karma, 

Every night I tasted my own tears while thinking about all those unvisited snowfall that completed you without me.

I woke up to several nightmares where a family of so called open-minded demons kept teaching you how to curse instead of prioritising your love for me.

When it all ended you looked happy but when I moved for my happiness you offered me the unexpected vision of my character.

And you gave those demons the power to crash me and burn what you failed protect & preserve.

Where were you while the demons pushed me to sink in my own miseries?

You were standing right there pretending to be in love.

I failed to notice that you were willfully suffocating me & screaming karma from within.

You were a gateway for all the demons to enter my weaknesses.

To the one who is screaming karma everyday, kindly celebrate the death of my existence.

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Diwali Vacation – Back to Mumbai! 🌻

Time really changes, along with us and our situations.
I’ve noticed some change within me and within those people whom I used to come across regularly before and the way I deal with the things today and how bold I could be. 

Suddenly the tables are turned and I exist everywhere. 

But now I question myself that do I really need all of this? I don’t really know how to answer this but I know what I really don’t need anymore. 

So I want to go back far to that place beautiful, that teached me how life should be treated. 

If there is any story that I wouldn’t want to leave incomplete, it would only be all about my fellowship. 

I’m blessed & this is why I am a Gandhi Fellow. 

Though I’m back to Mumbai for my vacation but sooner will be leaving toward Rajasthan for our Boot Camp. 

And after that will travel a little more toward the lap of Himalayas where the work will be back on track. 

Have a Happy Diwali! 🌻

#pollutionfree #gandhifellowship

A Rose Day Date 🌹


To those who went for a Rose Day Date this week, I wish that the true essence of those petals remain forever in your lives. And for those suffering the pain caused by the thorns of pleasure, such is life and only you can help yourselves out. 🌹

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Have a happy reading! 🙂

Be Your Own Hero!


Late in the night, still awake in the dark?
Tired of fighting ?
Can’t settle with your inner demons?
Hey! I can see you’ve been brave all this while!

Sleep my dear! Have a good night!
You are still on your own!
Be the same while you grow!
You’ll get through this hell!
Remember, nobody will pull you!
Be your ideal self!

Without promising a happy day,
I will plan all your tomorrows!
While your heads bow to pray,
My words will wipe your sorrows!

The next day when you wake up,
should be to begin with a zero!
It’s ok to be stoic,
but be your own hero!

                                             – The Maker!

8 Little Letters! ❤ #tfu1


She was his love at first sight!
Confession needs to be special he thought!
This is what we suggested,
to gift her good words!
(and few secret tips)

These are those 8 LITTLE LETTERS that travelled from Punjab to Delhi!

• It feels like a dream, now that you are standing infront of me! I never thought I’ll have this day! ❤

• You are like a book halfly-read, I crave to read you more! ❤

• Today is the second best day of my life, 1st was when we had come across for as wedding crashers! Do you believe in love at first sight? I do! Now I really do! ❤

• Never believed till you appeared but now I must agree, that a music plays in the background when one falls in love! I was hinted with this song ‘Tuney maari entry aur dil mein baji ghantiyaan re! ❤

• You seem like a dream girl to many! No doubt I am the luckiest! ❤

• No these ain’t big dialogues, all of this feels nothing before your twinkling eyes, makes me feel like I’m star gazing! ❤

• Dear you belong to me, can I make you mine? Because you’re the only one I have been feeling for all this while! ❤

• Let me dare to ask you now!
Would you like to come on a date with me? ❤

Tales Forever Untold

Another Goodbye!


To an uncertain outcome of ignorance towards the do’s and don’ts of love, she finally wishes him a happy farewell from far away.

Back in time, she looked like a moon every evening mostly dull and wan! And he was a wanderer who wore a black blind fold, trembling with instabilities but now is gone!

She predicted the unpredictability in him and rightly sensed that people don’t change, they simply hide their true self!

He followed an equation of recurrence relation where his mistakes were bigger than the previous ones. So now she regrets awaiting the unworthy, decides a happy and steady let go!

Why he never appeared for a goodbye meet? With much more secrets hidden beneath. Her existence mattered less to celebrate, so the exiting concerns no mourn, she felt!

With his effortless absense, she couldn’t try mending, eventually they weren’t at all bending!

Following another goodbye they simply and rightly were only ending!

But wait….
This ain’t her last!

Meaningless give aways of life!


Once upon a time I wrote a lame article here which matter’s less to me and I feel it’s time to clean the store for the good. I’m editing it away because that was a silly phase of my life where I did things which I think were not necessary and were for the wrong ones.
I laugh at the kiddish things I used to do and I thank some people in my life to make me understand they are not the kind I need in my life. Because I can’t get back the precious time I invested in not so ambitious people I make it a point I erase such write-uos that are not worthy of lasting. I would suggest my readers to follow me on instagram @tfu__ if you love microtales and send me your entries to the given link in my bio there. I must have left some small things with people in the past for them to remember me, but they are nothing but meaningless give aways today. All the best to all those who don’t matter any more because I still care for all the living beings on this earth be it a dirty insect of a cute but clever pet or a human who is faking all his/her effort.

DM me on instagram your ‘How I met my special someone’ story with a picture and get featured on TFU. Take care 🙂