I’ll love you, till they disagree!

PREFACE– A story that brings you to the known reality of majority modern day relationships. The baggage of burden, drama-trauma, reasons and excuses which come along eventually, upon the idea of tying a knot. Commitments ain’t a legitimate business but a marriage is. Relationship is subject to no terms or conditions ahead, one can break it anytime and continue to pull new strings without looking behind. These people are cool enough, so they don’t worry or think about the future and complications. Cold enough to anytime unroot their own plant without regrets. Merely a verbal guarantee without a proper warranty. How accountable your partner would be for the long run? Good if you ain’t bothered about it. But if you want to love like the love stories, you require a conscious state of mind. World is unpredictable, having a sense of reality counts.
Is why Nirav believed in reality. But Vidhi believed in Shaan. And Shaan? Did he even believe in anything?

                  28th June 2015
Vidhi was experiancing a situation at a glitzy reception party of her old friend Shekhar. Everyone was having a lovely time except Vidhi who felt stifled in this familiar location that reminded her of the past, especially 13th November 2010. “Shaan!” she confirmed it to herself tiredly, without any movement in her  extraordinary dignity and composure as always. Every second she was preparing herself to face him.

                  4th October 2008

 Vidhi was waiting for Nirav at his office entrance. She din’t like waiting, so she tried calling him irritatingly, before she heard somebody whisper to her, “Who else are you waiting for madam?” She turned around to find Nirav laughing at her confusion. She laughed along too saying “Ravan as usual!” “Hehehuhuhahaha Sitey!” he laughed out, loud enough to attract the concerned guards around so they had to walk away.  
Meanwhile they walked towards the beach, Nirav took her phone and called Shaan for some fun. “Don’t disturb him, he went to sleep with a bad headache a while before” she warned pulling the phone. “Oh Headache must be his new girlfriend!” he teased when she pulled the phone and reacted sadly as she could hear the number was busy on another call.
 Walking on the sand barefoot, talking about the world, trying to put behind that thick lock of her hair into the loose bun and eating pav bhaji with extra butter, spark in her eyes similar to the depth of the sea was a delight to watch. So Nirav made it possible to get her here, every last working day of the week. 
They were best friends so sharing the same plate was natural. She tried to eat but just gave up looking towards the sea. “You can share whats been keeping you disturbed while you eat this!” he said feeding her with his own hands to which she cried “Certain illness dozes off as soon as we talk to our loved ones, right?” “Well yes!” he nodded. “So am I not the one for Shaan?” she asked. How does one answer without hurting deep innocence? Nirav wondered while making her eat properly fearing what the future would bring her.

(…more to come…)


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