What made you what you are today?

I failed to notice the dark clouds which were all storming towards me. While I was busy celebrating the light, suddenly the smoke was everywhere making it difficult for me to breathe.

No there weren’t any stars visible in the dark which those inspirational quotes claim about. An unwanted and unexpected moment not willing to pass at all. I was confused.

I asked myself that were my eyes even open because I couldn’t see anything. Though I could feel something surrounding me with all the bad vibes.

I could hear it cursing with a promise that it won’t leave me for a long time now. And will stay and make things difficult for me everyday for many more days ahead.

But right when I was about to give up I reflected upon myself & my journey so far. I realised that I have always been moulded by those who built me as well as the ones who have broken me. These days shall pass too. And it will again mould me into something new.

So what made you what you are today?

Women from the hills are women in the position or power.🌻






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In search of Enlightenment? 

Enlightenment & Peace?
  Aren’t these supposed to be strong words and expectations from life?

All our life we have been searching for the answers that are mostly within us. If we choose to walk on a path that leads us toward an authentic living, we’ll surely find our souls empty of questions. 🌻

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Bad over Good


He was a cop and you a killer,
were that little boy playing guns with a choice dissimilar.

Born with no choice for where you would go, but were given a chance to how you would grow. Forever wrong decisions, have let you reap what you sow.

Behind every bad you did and every road that you left, were no mates but your denial. To the good you din’t accept.

Every paper you own, is the sweat of some other, never chose to earn for your good and better.

You loved with your choice, let her go as well. You felt when you needed, then you fled and fell.

With time she was gone and you chose to give up on.

Decision is always yours, if you wish to make things happen, then yes you could.
But you invest your time choosing bad over good.