Unrequited Love!


To feel incomplete and empty in love!
So now you say you are quite sure he is ‘happy’ not seeing you too. Of course, you have rightly realised that he isn’t at all interested in being involved in someone like you coming a long way now!

Lets you sadly hold back to!
You talk about feeling an accusation while getting stated as ‘you have been loving more’ because what you get back is less! Then you should know love is where you have nothing to lose and give it all. Its beyond all the unjust you face, its your destination towards peace.

A feeling of having no rights on your love!
You watch yourself being conserved but not preserved. There is no giving up but there is no having you too. You ain’t intensely prior, lacking a madness that goes on! His feelings he might not say, but will make you feel the same. Take those vibes for good or bad!

You feel you aint above the other pleasures!
Won’t let you spend hard time finding love within him, so what if he has a globe to explore and a life to live? Don’t you have your’s? And if you are still there for him, then it shouldn’t be difficult for him too!

Gives an uncertainty that is painful! 
If your emotions fly above his head making you helpess, then let his words go above your heart now. Let him just be, to let him just go with time!

Keeps considering you on the grounds of althoughs!
Don’t wait for the things to change for you! He who likes your company and your everything if is still known to be less involved in having you around his world, words and thoughts shouldn’t be misunderstood as a lover.

Always reflects a certain kind of rejection!
Although it involves caring and companionship but the intensity shared implies to you as an option! Does he gifts you a lesser degree of love? Then why do you choose being vulnerable? Yes it ain’t bad, but the love that loves like a compromise is surely sad!

Being someone’s compromised love!
If you make it run like an advantage for him that he has your great love bestowed upon , he is clever to see you may never leave his side. Is why he takes you for granted. He will stay by your side till he falls in love with someone else madly.

Unrequited Love it is!
Make sure you don’t extend such love story. Its completely, irretrievably a hopeless and unworthy situation!
If your love is not like what I shared above, you are possibly with someone who loves you like nobody ever and shall continue to love you madly forever!

So I wish you all the love 🙂