Half Hearted Connections !


Lets talk about the devil,
hoping he doesn’t appear.

Those pages defining evil.
And a heart tinged with fear!

People happen to come for a reason,
love doesn’t ! If its true.

But few just like to change every season, forevers are mostly few.

So like his two hands,
he had two hearts too.

Would spend his day with likers,
and nights were for his lovers two.

Holding on to a past with hopes,
also new strings at present.

She was his third half and
a muse like the moon crescent.

To her he agreed always,
but never crossed the ocean.

He never loved her completely,
just a half hearted connection.


Solace in her dreams!


Maybe she had comfort in her dreams,
for now nowhere else could.

Maybe she heard words in her dreams,
he might say or never would.

Maybe she had a relief in her dreams,
with untune turning alright.

Maybe she found solace in her dream, when she slept last night.


She resembles his past!


Her smile that he likes,
Resembles his past.

Her eyes shining bright,
Resembles his past.

Writing a feeling forever under,
Will reading this make him wonder?

His words reflect his thoughts,
So the mirror turns her mute, aghast!

Love her for what’s hers because,
Love should never resemble your past.


With his 3 little words ❤


She delved into his eyes
To know if it was true

Without shifting his gaze
He was staring back too

She could see an answer
For all the untold

And a hand to hold
From young to old

Was even he eye reading
To know what she feels?

For the eyes reveal
What a heart conceals!

Answers are within us and our experiences!