Another Goodbye!


To an uncertain outcome of ignorance towards the do’s and don’ts of love, she finally wishes him a happy farewell from far away.

Back in time, she looked like a moon every evening mostly dull and wan! And he was a wanderer who wore a black blind fold, trembling with instabilities but now is gone!

She predicted the unpredictability in him and rightly sensed that people don’t change, they simply hide their true self!

He followed an equation of recurrence relation where his mistakes were bigger than the previous ones. So now she regrets awaiting the unworthy, decides a happy and steady let go!

Why he never appeared for a goodbye meet? With much more secrets hidden beneath. Her existence mattered less to celebrate, so the exiting concerns no mourn, she felt!

With his effortless absense, she couldn’t try mending, eventually they weren’t at all bending!

Following another goodbye they simply and rightly were only ending!

But wait….
This ain’t her last!