Defiance walks along!


Time may surely strip away everything that is apparent about a person, has its own way to follow what is already planned and prove it to you!

Throughout the whole process you might not be able to recognise your actual perception towards the person. The confusion may last till this unrecognizable state goes away revealing you the real self of somebody!

If emotions fall to raise constant questions, go slow! Look around, the world has a lot to offer and you deserve it all!

Pay attention, let your time bear the true essence and beauty of the person. And if it starts playing a sea-saw, get alert and balance!

Someone must have written it properly to make you understand that one shouldn’t grip over probabilities, so why don’t you follow the same?

Always have a clear vision about your position in someone’s life and where you stand! If you feel it isn’t  where you belong, then relax! Maybe the person isn’t your last!

Don’t get carried away keeping unnecessary hopes! Unpredictability provides no stablility! Regain your senses and move towards achieving your goals. Let others find their way to reach you and win over!

Walk, no matter if defiance walks along! Possible actions is what you have thought for yourself! Don’t settle with any feeling that ain’t worthy of your time!

Because what’s possible is always visible!

Years of intensely immobile flux of time!


Keeping herself at bay winning every battle she has always been misunderstood as a strong being!
Why to push her to fight or face, interpreting it to her that its in her destiny.

She might drown to disappear someday deep within her own grieves. She should be living just like all of us!

When she’s hurt, breaks pieces of herself to leave it there itself. Years later they pull her back showing how time trapped she is. Why can’t she be blessed with a positivity so strong?

Never was rescued from any misery.
Nothing seems to set her free from paying debts to someone else’s bad deeds. Perhaps she needs her own sky to swim into without fearing anything.

With every approach of life, she keeps deceiving into certain moments such as the time when she played with toys. Till the time when she stood aware about getting categorized as a toy too!

Too early had she started running away from everything and everybody, collecting nobody who knew why was she doing it!

Was she so invisible to anybody who could soothe away those drops which would roll down her skin every night? Then the harsh sunlight would fall upon it to vaporize those.

She needs to know where is a safe place? Digging herself inside the pillow has helped her a little each day!

It is wrongly said that, Natures state keep changing along with everybody’s life. Because she has been experiencing an intensely immobile flux of her past, till present!

Time keeps wailing always, gripping upon the same old. Nothing seems to be decreasing. She might grow unaware at her happy times, but the reality is that it’s still there and nothing can help her erase.

Oh the words don’t seem to be organised properly she knows, it becomes difficult sometimes to write down the thoughts that keep multiplying.

Matters less! All that matters is a feeling that these words might reach somewhere to get her an answer about changing it all over again.

White coals and the brown study!


These meditating skies which are chasing souls every moment,
also are hiding greatness of their glories!

They might not talk about how the green pastures lead you towards those cold white coals!

Neither will they disclose the secrets behind these magical peaks, which put you in a trance but won’t lull you to sleep as well!

And they never boast about how they inspire you on every road. By its own nature they might take you beyond what you’ve always sensed, helping you to brown study yourself ! Letting you relive and revive. 

High above, these magnificent scenes accompany you and suddenly you never want to let go on to anything around you or change any changes happening to you! They turn you into a needy of nobody and nothing!

Adapting a better change within you,
all you do is Feel!

Meaningless give aways of life!


Once upon a time I wrote a lame article here which matter’s less to me and I feel it’s time to clean the store for the good. I’m editing it away because that was a silly phase of my life where I did things which I think were not necessary and were for the wrong ones.
I laugh at the kiddish things I used to do and I thank some people in my life to make me understand they are not the kind I need in my life. Because I can’t get back the precious time I invested in not so ambitious people I make it a point I erase such write-uos that are not worthy of lasting. I would suggest my readers to follow me on instagram @tfu__ if you love microtales and send me your entries to the given link in my bio there. I must have left some small things with people in the past for them to remember me, but they are nothing but meaningless give aways today. All the best to all those who don’t matter any more because I still care for all the living beings on this earth be it a dirty insect of a cute but clever pet or a human who is faking all his/her effort.

DM me on instagram your ‘How I met my special someone’ story with a picture and get featured on TFU. Take care 🙂

Let the roads lead us ❤


To all appearances, both seem to be pretty much involved in understanding their love.

Here he stands right infront of her wondering which mystery her eyes keep solving but she is inhaling an unexpected breeze of relief within herself infact.

The dreamable! And the magical has finally appeared before her, everything seems at its best!

Her reverie passed quickly with his concerned words, then follows a silence within the moment to work over few thoughts.

He talks to her about her, that tickles her pink! And his words she could feel coming like a good music.

How oblivious they are to the atmosphere which is soaking up the moonlight, he appears so much at ease while walking next to her.

Then few words they share to pay heed.

He : “Where are we going? I choose to ask!”
She : “Let the roads lead us to our destined task!”

Coming forward the streetlights are now helping them to reach somewhere they have never been before, together!

Write to forget!


Coming across a beautiful piece one night, my mind began to revolve around a thought for long.

I kept thinking about those hearts, who are giving away the very thing they themselves were denied.

There are such writers who are out pouring their sadness by writing away happy tales.

Deep wounds have lead to distended hearts, is an art of rectification to help their own misery.

Who never were blessed with a new beginning, now are giving all their characters a happy ending.

These birds wander somewhere high above others enhancing their imaginations.

Maybe to write away the love which never was experienced, while they  write to forget.

Day began for my thoughts to complete the journey at this orbit.
Yet I kept wondering why were they doing this?
And then I looked into the mirror to
ask myself ‘WHY?’ 🌻