The other side of my 1st post!


There is a certainty of knowing what the person feels for you, if you delve into their eyes.
But most of the times what appears before you is an illusion.
Is why you need a vision to accept what you are getting, instead of creating an image of something that the person isn’t willing to give you.
Without shifting the gaze if the person seems to stare back too, then either the one is confident about its love or smart enough to fool you.

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All his lies..



  I know many of us are so much into a person that we choose to believe their lies even though we know the truth.

This usually happens when you don’t want to lose the one. You may hold on to that careless attitude towards what the future might bring! Also the idea of not having that person anymore, keeps you away from a wise decision. Before you bring yourself into a depressive situation, take a quick decision. Don’t be confused because you will still breath without. 

Tomorrow you shouldn’t be surprised if the person cheats on you, with any reason or excuse. Because earlier you couldn’t accept the reality. Remember,

If you get complacent, you will get replaced

Be Your Own Hero!


Late in the night, still awake in the dark?
Tired of fighting ?
Can’t settle with your inner demons?
Hey! I can see you’ve been brave all this while!

Sleep my dear! Have a good night!
You are still on your own!
Be the same while you grow!
You’ll get through this hell!
Remember, nobody will pull you!
Be your ideal self!

Without promising a happy day,
I will plan all your tomorrows!
While your heads bow to pray,
My words will wipe your sorrows!

The next day when you wake up,
should be to begin with a zero!
It’s ok to be stoic,
but be your own hero!

                                             – The Maker!