Fellowship & Creative Club


All about my creative club in Kapkot, Uttarakhand. 

   No! It wasn’t like a smooth chocolate brownie but this mess is going to be a cute & active surrender. 

When I was in Mumbai it was always a pleasure to have kids around me, fearlessly creative & full of ideas. Walking out of my house and waving back at them whenever they screamed “Hie Linita Didi” was what I was missing from a long time.

I knew I had to do a lot more than just interacting with children in my school to get the same feeling here. And I really have no clue what I was waiting for. Maybe i lacked some confidence and felt like an intruder. But it lasted only till today when I took Lucky & Prity ( my brother & sister from my host family in Bhayo village ) and marched towards the ground thinking of doing creative activities with some friends of these little ones.

As soon as I reached there some kids from two other villages who had come for the bhajan recognized me by my visits to their schools and joined me with all excitement. I told them to call their friends as well. Within no time I collected a crowd and then it was my time to deal with the confusion.

I felt I had bitten off more than I can chew and I was swimming in the confusion. But in this despair I was not alone. I knew far in other villages my co-fellows were dealing with huge inconveniences. This some how motivated me to find a way out.

More than 30 kids & youths whom I don’t even know and I was alien to them too were all sitting in a circle waiting for me to begin. Tried many things to introduce myself, maintain some discipline, some rules hovered but that is suppose to happen when you are upto connect with a larger group of the community. I called my Program Leader Bimal Sir to help me and he suggested me some things but I was still a bit off track. After he left I told my co-fellow Dharshini to help me manage the kids. Thankfully we were ready to begin and she left bidding me good luck.

The great part is that the parents joined in and youths helped me to manage the crowd. The fathers were motivating and mothers were suggesting & volunteering. Many children who want to join will be meeting me tomorrow for more creative activities. Tomorrow we’ll finalize the beginning of the Creative Club and we’re gonna name it #teamsunshine. I’m satisfied that I atleast gave it a try. And I’m sure it will reach at a good place.

(To all my creative buddies : Please suggest me activities so that I can learn it from you and perform it here. ) #gandhifellowship #communityimmersion #kapkot #bageshwar #uttarakhand #creativeclub 

Here in Kedaribagad, Kapkot there is a ground with helipad area. A proper place to connect with all the active children & youth as well. Also there is a sacred tent where people come together to celebrate festivals. This Navratri season I experienced loud music, bhajan-kirthans, fair, sparkling attires, different cultural songs and activities. )


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