Now that I am here ❤


Now that I am here,
with my feelings for you.
Just look into my eyes and I swear I’ll be true.

Now that I am here, can I hold your hand to gain control.
And know how it feels to touch my soul?

Now that I am here don’t worry I’ll stay and won’t betray.
Just need to say, I’ve loved you always, though far away.

Now that I am here, may I apologize! For chances I din’t take and choices I made. For my only words but no actions, regardless to all my wrong decisions.

Now that I am here, nowhere else to go, with all my time for our feelings to grow.

Now that I am here, holding moments from the past, rarely you met leaving memories vast.

Now that I am here, as love doesn’t fade.You’re special for my forever and the promises I’ve made.

Now that I am here, take you back to our world. Love mattered to be your happy, you’re my musical bird.

Now that I am here, helping the unsaid which you won’t say. You are just as pretty as I imagined this day.

So now I am here, to hear fron you,
“You are mad and I love you too!” ♡

Bad over Good


He was a cop and you a killer,
were that little boy playing guns with a choice dissimilar.

Born with no choice for where you would go, but were given a chance to how you would grow. Forever wrong decisions, have let you reap what you sow.

Behind every bad you did and every road that you left, were no mates but your denial. To the good you din’t accept.

Every paper you own, is the sweat of some other, never chose to earn for your good and better.

You loved with your choice, let her go as well. You felt when you needed, then you fled and fell.

With time she was gone and you chose to give up on.

Decision is always yours, if you wish to make things happen, then yes you could.
But you invest your time choosing bad over good.