What made you what you are today?

I failed to notice the dark clouds which were all storming towards me. While I was busy celebrating the light, suddenly the smoke was everywhere making it difficult for me to breathe.

No there weren’t any stars visible in the dark which those inspirational quotes claim about. An unwanted and unexpected moment not willing to pass at all. I was confused.

I asked myself that were my eyes even open because I couldn’t see anything. Though I could feel something surrounding me with all the bad vibes.

I could hear it cursing with a promise that it won’t leave me for a long time now. And will stay and make things difficult for me everyday for many more days ahead.

But right when I was about to give up I reflected upon myself & my journey so far. I realised that I have always been moulded by those who built me as well as the ones who have broken me. These days shall pass too. And it will again mould me into something new.

So what made you what you are today?

Be Your Own Hero!


Late in the night, still awake in the dark?
Tired of fighting ?
Can’t settle with your inner demons?
Hey! I can see you’ve been brave all this while!

Sleep my dear! Have a good night!
You are still on your own!
Be the same while you grow!
You’ll get through this hell!
Remember, nobody will pull you!
Be your ideal self!

Without promising a happy day,
I will plan all your tomorrows!
While your heads bow to pray,
My words will wipe your sorrows!

The next day when you wake up,
should be to begin with a zero!
It’s ok to be stoic,
but be your own hero!

                                             – The Maker!

To all the diverted souls!


Your parents are your creators, naturally expecting alot from their creation. Today during the nights you might care less and not wish to stay. Ever thought to let you into this world, she beared all the pain, also had sleepless nights! Cycling the stress wheels on the other side is a man who keeps working hard for you! If you’re living according to your choices, don’t you forget you are being loved deep within too.
If you can’t always keep them happy, make them proud atleast.

In the middle of a night, you often wakeup expecting a presence. Just how she awaits your return every evening. She supports you throughout your entire life. With her by your side you won’t be standing alone against the world. A part of you may grow within her someday, let your love grow too each day.
She is your soulmate! Love her because you should, that’s all you can give her.

Don’t you forget you are loved too.
Often you run behind the attractions around you, so stay loyal to the ones who love you. Unlike cheating and disappointing, getting someone to love you unconditionally is difficult and rare!
Your heart is your home
One day, you may return with hopes Don’t be late to spot it empty!